As Oliver Twist said ‚Food glorious food‘ and who doesn’t love to eat?! Autumn is a great time to discover some great new restaurants and eateries around Berlin or to learn some new skills and partake in a cooking class. The Berlin Food Week is primarily being hosted by the Bikini Mall in City West but there are events all around the city including showcases, cooking courses and pop-up stores.

Since its launch in 2014, the Berlin Food Week has established itself as an integral part of the food scene. The capital has long been known for its creative and cosmopolitan protagonists of a new food culture. Restaurateurs and innovative young chefs are shaping the culinary image of the city with their curiosity, joy of experimenting, and passion. This makes Berlin the ideal venue for the most exciting food festival in Germany. At various locations throughout the city, chefs, food entrepreneurs, and manufactories will present tasty and thrilling innovations from all over the world. The focus is on enjoyment, trying things out, and exchanging experiences. Visitors will learn all about creative food trends, fascinating nutrition topics, and sustainable consumption. Workshops and networking events will invite them to join in. Look over the shoulder of experienced chefs and get to know the producers behind the products. Enjoy the culinary delights that will be served in food trucks and restaurants throughout Berlin. (source: )

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