Berlin Transportation


There are many ways to make your way around Berlin if you choose not to own a car. For many reasons shared economy options are a great alternative for transport, good for the environment and far less expensive than the purchase and upkeep of a car. Although the public transport in Berlin is excellent, there are situations where you might want or need a car/bike or scooter. However before you sign-up and use any ride-sharing, make sure you know if you need any third-party liability insurance.

Here are some alternatives for car, bike & e-scooter:

Ride/Car Sharing:

Drive Now – https://www.drive-now.com/de/en

SIXT-share Berlin – https://www.sixt.de/en/share/

Car2go – https://www.car2go.com/DE/en/berlin/

WeShare – https://www.we-share.io/en/


Nextbike – https://www.deezernextbike.de/de/berlin/

DB Call a bike – https://www.callabike-interaktiv.de/


Lime Scooters (& bikes) – https://www.li.me/de/startseite

Circ Scooters – https://www.circ.com/


BlablaCar – https://www.blablacar.de/

Carpool World – https://www.carpoolworld.com/carpool_GERMANY.html

Disclaimer – when travelling with strangers please always ensure your own personal safety, let a friend or a family member know with whom, when and where you will be travelling.

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